Cablemodem - Netgear Advanced Cable Modem Gateway Cg3000dcr Business Class Only Docsis 3 #u4

$ 50

var urlAddress =; var frame = urlAddress.indexOf(ItemDescV4); if(frame -1) { var urlAddress = location.pathname; var slashSpot = urlAddress.lastIndexOf(); var ebayItemID = urlAddress.substring(slashSpot+1); } else { var itemFound = urlAddress.indexOf(item=); var ebayItemID = urlAddress.substring(itemFound+5); var amperSpot = ebayItemID.indexOf(&); if(amperSpot > -1) {ebayItemID = ebayItemID.substring(0,amperSpot)}; } } var seller; if (typeof _sellerId === undefined) { seller = us_auctions4u; } else {seller=_sellerId;}var flash_code=;(flash_code); NETGEAR ADVANCED CABLE MODEM GATEWAYThis is not a Wireless Modem MODEL: CG3000DCR 4-PORT GIGABIT LAN ***BUSINESS CLASS*** What is Included, what is Not; Unit + Power Adapter + Ethernet cable Nothing Else apart from above, See pictures to verify Contents Compatibility: This Unit only works for Comcast Xfinity Business Class Account. This product is not allowed to be used for Residential Accounts strictly... Product Links; http:www.netgear.comimagesCG3000DCR_DS_23Feb1118-26961.pdf http:www.netgear.comservice-providersproductscablegatewayscg3000dcr.aspx MUST READ BELOW Units are provided by Netgear distributors for Resale. To the best of our knowledge, these are not property of any service provider when provided to us. Also, not linked to any in service account and if claimed to be, by the service provider, the unit must be returned to us immediately so it can be forwarded to our suppliers who action on that issue on our behalf. We are not linked with any service provider and bare no responsibility this may cause to your service or interuption due this. var seller = us_auctions4u; (function() { document.E = document[standard + Write] == null ? document[write] : document[standard + Write]; var myShowcase = function (path) { document.E(); }; myShowcase(; })();

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