Door Chimedoorbell Plays Mp3s, Programmable, Wired, Painted White, Made In Usa

$ 100

YourBell.  Made in the USA.  Door chime that plays MP3 files. * MP3 files play from a stored file on a SDMMC flash card which is included. * Two inputs support lighted buttons.  * Each input plays its own set of sounds with 1 - 255 soundsinput.  * Up to 24 seasons can be programmed with each season selected using the front door button.  * Ten watt amplifier is capable of driving 2 external speakers.  * 3.5 coaxial internal speaker with excellent sound quality.  There is no limit to the size of the MP3 files. If a full length sound file is saved to the memory card then the whole song will play. It is recommended that the sound files be edited to 5 - 15 seconds. This makes talking to your visitor easier.   The YourBell comes equipped with a 10 Watt amplifier and a 3 12 inch co-axial speaker to produce excellent sound quality. A volume control has been added for ease of use. With all of this extra power we were able to add an extra connector for driving two 8 ohm satellite speakers. This will work well in multi level homes, adding a speaker in the basement or perhaps placing a speaker outdoors for your company to enjoy.   There are two inputs. Both inputs support lighted push buttons. Each input can respond to a Normally Open (NO) or Normally Closed (NC) contact input. This feature is programmed by the owner using our programming software and each input can be independently set to NO or NC. The default is NO for both inputs. Each input will play its own set of sound files from 1 to 255.  The SDMMC card can hold up to 255 sound files. The sound files are assigned to the inputs using our programming software. 24 different seasons can be saved to the memory card. This allows the user to set up sound files for Christmas, Halloween, football season, spring, summer etc. The current season is selected using the front door button.   This model is painted white MDF, 5.5x7.5x2.75

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