General Electric Washer Machine - General Electric Hotpoint Washer Washing Machine Drain Pump J27-769 3015301

$ 32

General Electric Hotpoint Washer Washing Machine Drain Pump J27-769 3015301General Electric Hotpoint Washer Washing Machine Drain Pump J27-769 3015301SPECS:Plastic Dryer Blower WheelBRANDS:GE, General Electric, Hotpoint RCA, Americana, BeefEater, Camco, Eterna Concept II, McClary, Moffat, Profile, Monogram , & More!DESCRIPTION:This pump helps expel water from the washing machine and is activated after the spin speed is maintained for a specific period of time.REPLACES PART NUMBERS:J27-769 3015301USED ON MODELS:WHDSR316G0WW WJRR4170G0WW WPSR3100W0WW WJSR2070B2WW WHDSR315DAWW WPSE4200A0WW VBXR1070W0WW WHDSR209DAWW WLSR2000G2WW WJSR2080T2WW WPSQ3120T2WW WJSR4160G0WW WVSR1060A1WW WDSR2080D5WW WJSR2080T6WW WBSE3120B2WW WHDRR418G0WW WPSR3100W1WW WHRE5260E1WW WJRR4170E1WW WPSQ4160T2WW WDSR2080G2WW WJSR2080T5WW WDSR2080DAWW WLSR3000G0WW S2200Y0WW WBSR3140D0WW WBSR3140G0WW WJRR4170E4WW WPRB8050D1WW WPRE6100G0WT WHSE5240D1WW WPSR3100W2WW WBSE2090A0WW S3700E4WW WBSR1060TAWW WCSR2090G2WW WCXR1070TAWW WBXR2060V1WW WPSQ3120T6WW WCXR1070T5WW S2100G2WW WBSR3140DAWW WHDSR209D5WW WHDSR209G2WW WJSR2080V1WW WWSR3090T2WW WBSR3140D5WW VBXR1090B2WW WBSE3120B1WW WWSE5240G0WW WBXR1060T2WW WHDSR315D0WW WPSR3120W0WW WJSR2080T8WW S3700G0WW WJRE5500G0WW WHDRE526E1WW VBXR1060T5WB WSSE4220A0WW WDSR2080DBWW WJXR2080T8WW WWSE5200B1WW WWSR3090T5WW VBXR1070W1WW WHDSR315D5WW WJXR2080T2WW S1070A1WW WBB4500E1WW WBSR1060T2WW WCSR2080B2WW WNSR2100T2WW WNSR3100W0WW WWSR3090T6WW VBSR2080W0WW WHDRR418E1WW WJSR2080V2WW WLSE3150A0WW WHDSR417D0WW WJSE4150B2WW WJSR2080V3WW WCSE3100A1WW WCSR2070TCWW WKSR2100T5WW WNSR2100T5WW WPRB8050D0WW WVSR1060A0WW VBXR1060T4WB VBXR1060V1WW WKSR2100TBWW WPSB8060B0WW WPSQ3120T2AA WPSR3100W0AA S3500B0WW WBSR1060T5WW WPSR3120W2WW S2100E4WW VVSR1040V1WW WCXR1070A1WW WHSE3100A0WB WJSR2080T2AA WLE4000B1WW WNXR2100T2WW VBXR1060T2WB WBXR1060TAWW WCSR2090DAWW WPSB9080B0WW WPSF4170W0WW WSSR3120W0WW S2200Y1WW WHDSR209D0WW WJSR2080TAWW WWSR3090TAWW S2100E1WW VLSR1090G2WW WCSR4170DAWW WKSR2100T9WW WPSE4270A0WW WSSR3120W1WW WCRE6270D0WW WCSR4170G0WW WHDSR209D1WW WNSE4200A0WW WPSQ3120T5WW WPSQ3120T8WW WPSQ4160T5WW WSSE5210B1CC S3200Y1WW S3200Y2WW WASR3110W0WW WJSR2070B0WW WPSF5170W0WW WPSQ3120T9WW WPSQ4160TAWW VBXR1060T5AB WCSR2090D5WW WHDSR209DDWW WHSE5240D0WW YBXR1060T5WW YBXR1060V0WW S3200Y0WW VVXR1040T2WB WJRR4170E0WW WJSE4150B1WW WJSR2070B3WW WJSR4160DAWW WPXQ3090T2WW WWSE3160A0WW S3700E1WW VLSR1090G0WW VWSR4100V1WW WBB2090F1WW WBB4500G0WW WCCB1030T2AC WCSR2070TBWW WCSR4170D5WW WCXR1070A0WW WJSE3110A0WW WNSR3120W0WW WPSE5290A0WW WPSQ4160T6WW WPSQ4160T9WW WWRE5240D0WW WWSR3090T8WW YBXR1060T2WW EWA3000B2WW S3600D0WW S5100D0WW VBXR1070W0AA VVSR1070B0WW VWSR3110W2WW WBXR1060T5WW WCSE3100A0WW WDSR2080D8WW WHDRR418E4WW WLE6000B1WW WNSR2100T8WW WPSQ4160T8WW WPSR4130W0WW WPSR4130W1WW WSRE5260D1WW EWA2000A0WW S4200B2WW VBSR3100G0WW VBXR1090B0WW WASE4220A0WW WBB2090G2WW WCSR2070T6WW WHSR2070V2WB WJSR4160D5WW WJXR2080T2AA WJXR2080TAWW WVSR1060DAWW VWSR3110W0WW 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WCSR4170D0CC WCSR4170D0WW WCXR1070T2AA WDSR2080G0WW WHDSR417D5WW WJSE3110A2WW WKSE6280B1WW WMCD2050G0WC WMSR3110W1WW WMSR3110W2WW WNSB8060B0WW WNSB9080B0WW WNSR3100W0AA WNSR3120W0AA WPRB9220D1WW WPSE4270A0AA WPSQ3120T5AA WPXQ3090T6WW WWRE5240D1WW S1070A0WW S2000D0WW S5200E1WW VBSR2060V1WW VBXR2070T2WB WBB2090F0WW WBSR1060T2AA WBSR3140D3WW WCCB1030V1WC WCSE4160B2WW WCSR2070T5WW WCSR4110TBWW WCXR1070T4WW WCXR1070TBWW WDSR2080D2WW WDSR2080DACC WKSE6280B2WW WKSR2100T6WW WKSR2100TAWW WKSR2100TCWW WKXR2100T5WW WLRR4500G0WW WLRR5000G0WW WNSE6280B1WW WNXR2100T6WW WNXR2100TBWW WPRB8050D1CC WPRB9220D0WW WPSF4170V0WW WPSF5170W0AA WPSR3090V0WW WPSR4130W1AA WSERE526F0WW WSSR3120W0AA WVSR1060A2WW YBXR1060V1WW YBXR2070T2WW GCSR2090H0WW S1070A2WW S2000D2WW VBSR2060V1AA VBXR1060T3AB VBXR1070W1AA VVSR1070D0WW VVXR1040T4WB WBB2090F3WW WBSE2090A0AA WBSE3120B0CC WBXR1060T2AA WBXR2060V2AA WBXR3100B3WW WCCB1030B1KC WCSR2070TAWW WCSR4110T8WW WCSR4170D5CC WCSR4170DACC WCXR1070TAAA WDSR2080G2CC WHDSR209D3WW 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GCWN5050M0WS GCWN5050M1WS GCWP1000M0WW GCWP1000M1WW GCWP1000M2WW GCWP1005M0CC GCWP1005M1CC GCWP1005M2CC GFSR3110H0WW GFSR3110H1WW GFSR3110H2WW GFSR3110H3WW GFSR3110H4WW GFSR3110H5WW GFSR3110H6WW GHDRE527H0WW GHDRE527H1WW GHDRE527H2WW GHDRE527H3WW GHDSR209H0WW GHDSR209H2WW GHDSR209H3WW GHDSR209H5WW GHDSR209H6WW GHDSR209H7WW GHDSR209H8WW GHDSR209H9WW GHDSR316H1WW GHDSR316H2WW GHDSR316H3WW GHDSR316H4WW GHDSR316H5WW GHDSR316H6WW GHDSR316H7WW GHDSR316H8WW GHRE5550K0WW GHRE5550K2WW GHRE5550K3WW GHWP1000M0WW GHWP1000M1WW GHWP1000M2WW GJRE5500K0WW GJRE5500K2WW GJRE5500K3WW GJRR4170H0WW GJRR4170H1WW GJRR4170H2WW GJRR4170H3WW GJRR4170H4WW GJRR4170H5WW GJRR4170H6WW GJSR2080H0WW GJSR2080H2WW GJSR2080H3WW GJSR2080H5WW GJSR2080H6WW GJSR2080H7WW GJSR2080H8WW GJSR2080H9WW GJSR4160H0WW GJSR4160H1WW GJSR4160H2WW GJSR4160H3WW GJSR4160H4WW GJSR4160H5WW GJSR4160H6WW GJSR4160H7WW GJSR4160H8WW GJSRP080B1WW GJXRP080B1WW GKSR3140H0WW GKSR3140H1WW GKSR3140H2WW GKSR3140H3WW GKSR3140H4WW GKSR3140H5WW GKSR3140H6WW GLWN5050M0WS GLWN5050M1WS GLWP2000M0WW GLWP2000M1WW GLWP2000M2WW GMAN3000M0WS GMAN3000M1WS GMAN3000M2WS GNSR2090T9WW GNSR3150H0WW GNSR3150H1WW GNSR3150H2WW GNSR3150H3WW GNSR3150H4WW GNSR3150H5WW GNSR3150H6WW GPRE8350K0WT GPRE8350K2WT GPRE8350K3WT GRWN5150M0WS GRWN5150M1WS GSRE5600K0WW GSRE5600K2WW GSRE5600K3WW GSSR4170H0WW GSSR4170H1WW GSSR4170H2WW GSSR4170H3WW GSSR4170H4WW GSSR4170H5WW GSSR4170H6WW GTAN4250M0WS GTAN4250M1WS GTAN4450M0WS GTAN4450M1WS GTAN5050M0WS GTAN5050M1WS GTAP1000M0WW GTAP1000M1WW GTAP1000M2WW GTAP2000M0WW GTAP2000M1WW GTAP2000M2WW GTWN3000M0WS GTWN3000M1WS GTWN3000M2WS GTWN4000M0WS GTWN4040M0WW GTWN4250M0WS GTWN4250M1WS GTWN4450M0WS GTWN4450M1WS GTWN4950L0WS GTWN4950L1WS GTWN5050M0WS GTWN5050M10WS GTWP1000M0WW GTWP1000M1WW GTWP1000M2WW GTWP2000M0WW GTWP2000M1WW GTWP2000M2WW GTWP2005M0CC GTWP2005M1CC GTWP2005M2CC GVSR1060H7WW GVSR1060H9WW GVSR1080H8WW GWRE6270H0WW GWRE6270H1WW GWRE6270H2WW GWRE6270K0WW GWRE6270K2WW GWRE6270K3WW GWSE5240H0WW GWSE5240H1WW GWSE5240H2WW GWSE5240H3WW HLSR1090J5WW HLSR1090J6WW HLSR1090J7WW HLSR1090J8WW HNSR3110H0WW HTAP1000M0WW HTAP1000M1WW HTAP1000M2WW HTWP1000M0WW HTWP1000M1WW HTWP1000M2WW MTAP1000M0WW MTAP1000M1WW MTAP1000M2WW PTWN6050M0WT PTWN6250M0WT S2100E6WW S2100G3WW S2100G5WW S2100G6WW S2100G7WW S2100G8WW S2100G9WW S2200Y3WW S3700E0WW S3700E6WW S3700G1WW S3700G2WW S3700G3WW S3700G4WW S3700G5WW S3700G6WW S4200B3WW S5200E6WW VBSR1070T2AB VBSR1070T2WB VBSR1070T3AB VBSR1070T3WB VBSR1070T4AB VBSR1070T4WB VBSR1070T5AB VBSR1070T5WB VBSR1070T8WW VBSR2080W0AA VBSR3100D5WW VBSR3100DBWW VBSR3100DCWW VBSR3100G1WW VBSR3100G2WW VBSR3100G3WW VBSR3100G4WW VBSR3100G5WW VBXR1060T3WB VBXR1060T8AB VBXR1060TAAB VBXR1060TAWB VBXR1060V0AA VBXR1070W2AA VBXR1070W2WW VBXR1090B3CC VBXR1090B4WW VBXR1090D1WW VBXR1090D3WW VBXR1090D4WW VBXR1090D6WW VBXR1090D7WW VBXR1090D8CC VBXR1090D9WW VBXR1090DACC VBXR1090DAWW VBXR1090DDCC VBXR2070T2AB VBXR2070T3WB VBXR2070T5AB VBXR2070T6AB VBXR2070T8AB VBXR2070TAAB VBXR2070TAWB VBXR2070V1AA VJSR2070T2AB VJSR2070T2WB VJSR2070T3AB VJSR2070T3WB VJSR2070T5AB VJSR2070T6AB VJSR2070T6WB VJSR2070T8AB VJSR2070T8WB VJSR2070TAAB VJSR2070TAWB VKSR2100T2WW VKSR2100T3WW VKSR2100T5WW VKSR2100T6WW VKSR2100T8WW VKSR2100TAWW VKXR4100T3WW VKXR4100T6WW VKXR4100TAWW VLSR1090G3WW VLSR1090G5WW VLSR1090G6WW VLSR1090G7WW VLSR1090G8WW VLXR1020A0WO VLXR1020A1WO VLXR1020A2WO VLXR1020A3WO VLXR1020A4WO VLXR1020A4WW VLXR1020D0WO VLXR1020D2WO VLXR1020D5WO VLXR1020T2WB VLXR1020T3WB VLXR1020T4WB VLXR1020T5WB VLXR1020T8WB VLXR1020TAWB VVSR1030F0WO VVSR1030F3WO VVSR1030H2WO VVSR1030H3WO VVSR1030H5WO VVSR1030H6WO VVSR1030H7WO VVSR1030H8WO VVSR1040V0WW VVSR1040V4WW VVSR1070D2WW VVSR1070D5WW VVSR1070DCWW VVSR1070DDWW VVXR1040T3WB VVXR1040TAWB VVXR1040V1WW VWSR3110W1AA VWSR3110W1WW VWSR4100V0AA VWSR4100V1AA VWSR4150D5WW VWSR4150DCWW VWSR4160G1WW VWSR4160G2WW VWSR4160G3WW VWSR4160G4WW VWSR4160G5WW VWXR4100T2AB VWXR4100T2WB VWXR4100T3AB VWXR4100T3WB VWXR4100T4AB VWXR4100T5AB VWXR4100T6AB VWXR4100T8AB VWXR4100T8WB VWXR4100TAAB VWXR4100TAWB WARE5260D0WW WARE5260DCWW WASE5210B1WW WASE5210B3WW WASE6280B0WW WASE6280B1WW WASR3110W1AA WASR3110W2AA WBB2090F2WW WBB2090G3WW WBB2090G5WW WBB2090G6WW WBB2090G7WW WBB2090G8WW WBB2090G9WW WBB4500E6WW WBB4500G1WW WBB4500G2WW WBB4500G3WW WBB4500K1WW WBB5500B0WW WBB5500B1WW WBB6700F2GG WBSE3120B1CC WBSE3120B2CC WBSE3120B3CC WBSE4220A0WW WBSE5290A0WW WBSE6210B1WW WBSE6210B3WW WBSE6210B5WW WBSR1060T3AA WBSR1060T3WW WBSR1060T4AA WBSR1060T4WW WBSR1060T5AA WBSR1060TBAA WBSR3000G0WS WBSR3000G1WS WBSR3000G2WS WBSR3000G3WS WBSR3000G4WS WBSR3000G5WS WBSR3000G6WS WBSR3140G1CC WBSR3140G1WW WBSR3140G2CC WBSR3140G2WW WBSR3140G3CC WBSR3140G3WW WBSR3140G4CC WBSR3140G4WW WBSR3140G5CC WBSR3140G5WW WBSR3140G6CC WBSR3140G6WW WBXR1060T3AA WBXR1060T8AA WBXR1060TAAA WBXR1060TBAA WBXR1090A0WW WBXR1090A2AA WBXR1090A2WW WBXR2060V0AA WBXR2090B0CC WBXR2090B4WW WBXR2090D0WW WBXR2090D2WW WBXR2090D5WW WBXR2090DAWW WCCB1030B1WC WCCB1030B1WW WCCB1030B2KC WCCB1030B2WC WCCB1030B2WW WCCB1030D0KC 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WPRB9250D1CC WPRB9250D1WW WPRE6100G1WT WPRE6100G2WT WPRE6100G3WT WPRE6150H0WT WPRE6150H1WT WPRE6150H2WT WPRE6150K0WT WPRE6150K1WT WPRE6150K2WT WPRE6150K3WT WPRE6280D1WW WPRE6280DCWW WPRE8100G1WT WPRE8150H0WT WPRE8150H1WT WPRE8150H2WT WPRE8150K0WT WPRE8150K1WT WPRE8150K2WT WPRE8150K3WT WPRE8320H2WT WPRE8320H3WT WPRE8350H0WT WPRE8350H1WT WPRE8350H2WT WPSB8060B0CC WPSB8060B1CC WPSB8060B9CC WPSB9120B0CC WPSE7001A0AA WPSE7001A0WW WPSE7002A0AA WPSE7002A0WW WPSE7003A1WW WPSE7003A9WW WPSE7003B9WW WPSF4170V1AA WPSF4170V1WW WPSF4170W2AA WPSF5170W1AA WPSF5170W1WW WPSL3120W2WW WPSP4170W0WW WPSP4170W1WW WPSQ3120T9AA WPSQ4160T5AA WPSQ4160T6AA WPSQ4160T7AA WPSQ4160T7WW WPSQ4160TAAA WPSR3090V1AA WPSR3090V1WW WPSR3100W1AA WPSR3100W2AA WPSR3120W1AA WPSR3120W1WW WPXQ3090T5AA WPXQ3090T6AA WPXQ3090T8AA WPXQ3090T8WW WPXQ3090TAAA WPXQ3090TAWW WSERE526F2WW WSERR417F0WW WSERR417F2WW WSRE5260DCWW WSSE5210B3CC WSSE5210B3WW WSSE6280B0WW WSSE6280B1WW WSSR3120W1AA WTRE6260F0GG WTRE6260F2GG WTSE4210A0WW WVSR1060A0AA WVSR1060A2AA WVSR1060D5WW WVSR1060DBWW WVSR1060DCWW WVSR1060DDWW WVSR1060G3WW WVSR1060G5WW WVSR1060G6WW WVSR1060G7WW WVSR1060G8WW WVSR1060G9WW WVSR1080G8WW WVXR1040T2WW WVXR1040T3WW WVXR1040T4WW WVXR1040T5WW WVXR1040T8WW WVXR1040TAWW WWRE5240D0CC WWRE5240D1CC WWRE5240DCCC WWRE5240DCWW WWRE6260D0CC WWRE6260D0WW WWRE6260D1CC WWRE6260DCWW WWSE5200B0CC WWSE5200B1CC WWSE5200B2CC WWSE5200B3CC WWSE5200B3WW WWSE5240D0CC WWSE5240D1CC WWSE5240DCCC WWSE5240DCWW WWSE5240G1WW WWSE5240G2WW WWSE5240G3WW WWSE6200B2CC WWSE6260B0CC WWSE6260B0WW WWSE6260B1CC WWSE6260B3CC WWSQ3090T2AA WWSQ3090T2WW WWSR3090T3AA WWSR3090T6AA WWSR3090T8AA WWSR3090TAAA WWSR3090TBAA WWSR3090TCAA WWSR4140W1WW WWXR4100T2AA WWXR4100T2WB WWXR4100T3AA WWXR4100T3WB WWXR4100T3WW WWXR4100T5AA WWXR4100T5WB WWXR4100T6AA WWXR4100T6WB WWXR4100T8AA WWXR4100T8WB WWXR4100T8WW WWXR4100TAAA WWXR4100TAWB WWXR4100TAWW WZRE5260F2GG YBXR1060TAWW YBXR2070T3WW YBXR2070TAWW YBXR2070V0WW YIXR1060T8AA YIXR1060TAAA YJSR2070T3WW YJSR2070T5WW YJSR2070T8AA YJSR2070T8WW YJSR2070TAAA YJSR2070TAWW YLXR1020T2WB YLXR1020T3WB YLXR1020T4WB YLXR1020T5WB YLXR1020T8WB YLXR1020TAWB YVXR1040V0WW YVXR1040V1WW YWSR2100T2WW YWSR2100T3WW YWSR2100T5WW YWSR2100T6WW YWSR2100T8WW YWSR2100TAWW YWSR2100V0WW YWSR2100V1WW YWSR4100V1AA YWSR4100V1WW About GeneralApplianceParts Here at we have a passion for Do-It-Yourselfers and home repairs. Our mission is to become the #1 source for all your appliance part needs. We have access to more than 2 million repair parts available and our repair guides, pictures and excellent customer support help guide you to the exact part you need.Customer ServiceHOMELIVECHATSHIPPINGRETURNSDISCLAIMERCloseShipping and Handling Information Items are shipped Monday through Friday(excluding holidays) with a 3:00 p.m. cutoff time. The majority of our orders are shipped with 24 hours of your payment clearing through paypal or your charge card. It is your responsibility to keep your shipping address updated on eBay and PayPal. Should the package be returned to us as undeliverable due to an error in the address you have on file, additional shipping costs will be collected to compensate for reshipping the item to you. Please note that our shipping process is quite efficient. We will attempt to process your address change, cancellation and order change as quickly as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide this service. Often, an item is pulled, packed and shipped within minutes of our receiving the order. Please review your order for accuracy before submitting it. USPS states on their website that their Express Mail service is a 1 or 2 day mail service. The time frame depends on your location and is determined by the Post Office. You may go to their website and click Calculate a Price to determine if your package will take one or two days to deliver. Your will receive an email with the tracking # once your label is printed. Tracking information is accessible once the item is delivered to the post office or picked up by UPS. When we are out of stock on an item, we may (at our discretion) choose to have the part shipped directly to you from our vendor. In these cases, the shipping carrier may change but we will attempt to have it delivered in the requested time frame. If we cannot keep to the original delivery time frame in these instances, we will notify you.For our International Buyers USPS First Class International mail is not trackable once it crosses the U.S. border. Delivery times vary by country and are not provided by the U.S. Postal System. Generally, our experience is that First Class International mail takes at least 3 weeks to deliver. Canadian Customers: Please ask about using UPS Standard as your shipping option. If timely delivery and the ability to track your package is important, it is an option worth considering. However, UPS does charge brokerage and misc fees for Canadian shipments, so make sure you understand these fees before using UPS Standard as your shipping option. If you desire the ability to track your package you will need to select either USPS Priority International, USPS Express Mail International or UPS as your shipping option. Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges and are the responsibility of the buyer. Unfortunately, Customs may cause a delay in delivery of your item, please allow extra time for this process.For Everybody! Shipping charges include shipping fees, bubble wrap, other packing material, tape, transportation, carrier pickup fees, etc. These charges are not refundable for all correctly filled orders.CloseReturn Policy Customer satisfaction is very important to us. However, you as the buyer play a very important part in this. Please review the entire listing carefully and make certain you are ordering the part you need. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing. Full refunds are given only for a part this is grossly misrepresented by its picture or listing description, or if it is shipped incorrectly. Please note that appliance manufacturers frequently update their parts without warning. While we strive to update our listing pictures as quickly as possible, an outdated picture is not grounds for return. If you receive a part updated by the manufacturer in the last 90 days, it will be considered as correctly shipped. We have a 14 day return policy starting from date of delivery (confirmed by the carrier). You must obtain a return authorization to return the part within this time frame. We must receive the item being returned within 21 days of delivery date. Parts are not eligible for return for any reason if we are not notified within the 14 day time frame. Damaged parts must be reported to us within 3 days of the delivery date. This is to insure that we can file a claim with the carrier when applicable. Please send an email describing the damage and attach pictures of the part and the packaging for our inspection. A RMA # must be obtained prior to returning any part. There is a 25% restocking fee on all parts that were shipped correctly (waived on exchanges) All items being returned must be in their original packaging and accompanied by any instruction manuals and other paperwork. All items must be in a brand new (without signs of installation) and resaleable condition. All parts are inspected for signs of installation upon our receipt of them. (Note: Parts that have physical evidence of being installed may receive a 50% refund at our discretion. The decision is made based on our assessment of the part and whether it can be resold as used. ) The customer is responsible for all return or replacement shipping charges including insurance. However, we will reimburse the return shipping charges (least expensive available) for incorrectly shipped items. Original shipping charges are not refundable unless the part was shipped incorrectly or damaged in transit. We recommend that the customer insures items being returned. Items being returned which are lostdamaged in transit are not the responsibility of the seller. However, we will assist in the buyers efforts to file a claim with their carrier.CloseDisclaimer Of Liability In no way shall General Appliance Parts be liable for any loss, damage, fire, explosion, injury, including any incidental or consequential damages, or death as a result of ordering andor installing any parts from our website or from the results of any action taken due to reading information found on our website. All information provided through live chat, email or the product details is for general information purposes. The information is provided as a courtesy to our customers to enhance their understanding of their appliances, it is not to be taken for instructional purposes on how to repair their system.Disclaimer Of Liability for ordering and installing parts General Appliance Parts suggests having all parts, accessories and equipment installed by a qualified heating and air conditioning technician. If a customer attempts to install a part, accessory or equipment, he or she should have a thorough understanding of electricity, reading wiring diagrams and the work to be performed. In no way shall General Appliance Parts be liable for any loss, damage, injury, including any incidental or consequential damages, or death as a result of ordering andor installing any parts from our website or from the results of any action due to reading information found on our website. General Appliance Parts will not accept returns that are damaged due to misuse, miswiring or improper installation.

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