Glass Front Refrigerators - Genuine Wr38x10197 Ge Refrigerator Trim Front Shelf Glass Ap3183770 Ps301901 

$ 16

eBay Store Design by OCDesignsOnlineAbout UsStore Policies Terms & Conditions Contact UsFree DOMESTIC Shipping60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEEwhy shop with us?INTERNATIONAL ShippingSAVE UP TO 40% OFF RETAILMenuCategoriesRefrigerator PartsMicrowave PartsRangeOven PartsDishwashersWasherDryer PartsOthersnewsletter Add Luna Parts to your Favorites and receive our e-mail newsletters about new items and special promotions.Sign up Item Description Replaces the following part numbers: WR38X10197, AP3183770, 913998, AH301901, EA301901, PS301901 , LP24781 GE Factory Part GE brands include General Electric, Hotpoint, RCA, and others GE also makes various appliance models for Sears Kenmore Fit Models: (To search press CRTL+F and enter your model number) CTS18HBSARWW, CTS18HBSBRWW, CTS18HBSDRWW, CTS18HBSERWW, CTS18HBSFRWW, GTE16HBSKRWW, GTE16HBWKRWW, GTE16HBWMRWW, GTE16HBWNRWW, GTE17HBSKRWW, GTE17HBWKRWW, GTE17HBWMRWW, GTE17HBWNRWW, GTE17HBZBRWW, GTG15HBMCRWW, GTG15HBRCRWW, GTG16HBMCRWW, GTG16HBRCRWW, 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GTS16GBRFLWW, GTS16GBRFRWW, GTS16GBSARWW, GTS16GBSBRWW, GTS16GBSDRWW, GTS16GBSELWW, GTS16GBSERWW, GTS16GBSFRWW, GTS16GBSGRWW, GTS16GBSHRWW, GTS17GBSALWW, GTS17GBSARBB, GTS17GBSARWW, GTS17GBSBRBB, GTS17GBSBRWW, GTS17GBSDRBB, GTS17GBSDRWW, GTS17GBSELWW, GTS17GBSERBB, GTS17GBSERWW, GTS17GBSGRBB, GTS17GBSGRWW, GTS17GBSHRBB, GTS17GBSHRWW, GTS18ECTBRBB, GTS18ECTBRWW, GTS18ECTDRBB, GTS18ECTDRWW, GTS18ECTFRBB, GTS18ECTFRWW, GTS18GBRERCC, GTS18GBRERWW, GTS18GBRFRCC, GTS18GBRFRWW, GTS18GBSARBB, GTS18GBSARCC, GTS18GBSARWW, GTS18GBSBRBB, GTS18GBSBRCC, GTS18GBSBRWW, GTS18GBSDRBB, GTS18GBSDRCC, GTS18GBSDRWW, GTS18GBSERBB, GTS18GBSERCC, GTS18GBSERWW, GTS18GBSFRBB, GTS18GBSFRCC, GTS18GBSFRWW, GTS18GCRERCC, GTS18GCRERWW, GTS18GCRFRCC, GTS18GCRFRWW, GTS18GCSARBB, GTS18GCSARWW, GTS18GCSBRBB, GTS18GCSBRWW, GTS18GCSDRBB, GTS18GCSDRWW, GTS18GCSERBB, GTS18GCSERCC, GTS18GCSERWW, GTS18GCSFRBB, GTS18GCSFRWW, GTS18HBMBRCC, GTS18HBMBRWW, GTS18HBMDRCC, GTS18HBMDRWW, GTS18HBMERCC, GTS18HBMERWW, GTS18HBMFRCC, GTS18HBMFRWW, GTS18HBRERCC, GTS18HBRERWW, GTS18HBRFRCC, GTS18HBRFRWW, GTS18HBSALWW, GTS18HBSARCC, GTS18HBSARWW, GTS18HBSBLWW, GTS18HBSBRCC, GTS18HBSBRWW, GTS18HBSDLWW, GTS18HBSDRWW, GTS18HBSELWW, GTS18HBSERCC, GTS18HBSERWW, GTS18HBSFLWW, GTS18HBSFRWW, GTS18HCMBRCC, GTS18HCMBRWW, GTS18HCMDRCC, GTS18HCMDRWW, GTS18HCMERCC, GTS18HCMERWW, GTS18HCMFRCC, GTS18HCMFRWW, GTS18HCRERCC, GTS18HCRERWW, GTS18HCRFRCC, GTS18HCRFRWW, GTS18HCSARCC, GTS18HCSARWW, GTS18HCSBRCC, GTS18HCSBRWW, GTS18HCSDRCC, GTS18HCSDRWW, GTS18HCSERCC, GTS18HCSERWW, GTS18HCSFRCC, GTS18HCSFRWW, GTT15HBMBRCC, GTT15HBMBRWW, GTT15HBMDRCC, GTT15HBMDRWW, GTT15HBMERCC, GTT15HBMERWW, GTT15HBMFRCC, GTT15HBMFRWW, GTT15HBRERCC, GTT15HBRERWW, GTT15HBRFRCC, GTT15HBRFRWW, GTT16GBSBRCC, GTT16GBSBRWW, GTT16GBSDRCC, GTT16GBSDRWW, GTT16GBSERCC, GTT16GBSERWW, GTT16HBMBRCC, GTT16HBMBRWW, GTT16HBMDRCC, GTT16HBMDRWW, GTT16HBMERCC, GTT16HBMERWW, GTT16HBMFRCC, GTT16HBMFRWW, GTT16HBRERCC, GTT16HBRERWW, GTT16HBRFRCC, GTT16HBRFRWW, GTT16HBSARCC, GTT16HBSARWW, GTT16HBSERCC, GTT16HBSERWW, GTT17HBSARCC, GTT17HBSARWW, GTT17HBSERCC, GTT17HBSERWW, GTT18HBMBRCC, GTT18HBMBRWW, GTT18HBMERCC, GTT18HBMERWW, GTT18HBMFRCC, GTT18HBMFRWW, GTT18HBRERCC, GTT18HBRERWW, GTT18HBRFRCC, GTT18HBRFRWW, GTT18HBSARCC, GTT18HBSARWW, GTT18HBSBRCC, GTT18HBSBRWW, GTT18HBSDRCC, GTT18HBSDRWW, GTT18HBSERCC, GTT18HBSERWW, GTT18HBSFRCC, GTT18HBSFRWW, GTT18HBT2RCC, GTT18HBT2RWW, GTT18HBT3RCC, GTT18HBT3RWW, GTT18HBTZRCC, GTT18HBTZRWW, GTT18HCMBRCC, GTT18HCMBRWW, GTT18HCMDRCC, GTT18HCMDRWW, GTT18HCMERCC, GTT18HCMERWW, GTT18HCMFRCC, GTT18HCMFRWW, GTT18HCRERCC, GTT18HCRERWW, GTT18HCRFRCC, GTT18HCRFRWW, GTT18HCSARCC, GTT18HCSARWW, GTT18HCSERCC, GTT18HCSERWW, GTY18INWARBB, GTY18KYWARWW, GTY18OHWARWW, GTY18ULWARBB, HTH17GBT2RWW, HTH17GBTZRWW, HTH18GBT2RCC, HTH18GBT2RWW, HTH18GBT3RCC, HTH18GBT3RWW, HTH18GBTZRCC, HTH18GBTZRWW, HTH18GCT2RWW, HTH18GCT3RWW, HTH18GCTZRWW, HTJ18GCT2RSA, HTJ18GCT3RSA, HTJ18GCTZRSA, HTM17GCSERSA, HTM18GCSARSA, HTM18GCSBRSA, HTM18GCSDRSA, HTM18GCSFRSA, HTS16GBRERWW, HTS16GBRFRWW, HTS16HBMBLCC, HTS16HBMBRAA, HTS16HBMBRCC, HTS16HBMBRWW, HTS16HBMDRAA, HTS16HBMDRCC, HTS16HBMDRWW, HTS16HBMERCC, HTS16HBMERWW, HTS16HBMFRCC, HTS16HBMFRWW, HTS16HBRERCC, HTS16HBRERWW, HTS16HBRFRCC, HTS16HBRFRWW, HTS17GBSARWW, HTS17GBSBRWW, HTS17GBSDRWW, HTS17GBSERWW, HTS17GBSGRWW, HTS17GBSHRWW, HTS17GCSERWW, HTS17HBSARCC, HTS17HBSARWW, HTS17HBSERCC, HTS17HBSERWW, HTS18CBMDRWW, HTS18GBRERCC, HTS18GBRERWW, HTS18GBRFRCC, HTS18GBRFRWW, HTS18GBSARCC, HTS18GBSARWW, HTS18GBSBRCC, HTS18GBSBRWW, HTS18GBSDRCC, HTS18GBSDRWW, HTS18GBSERWW, HTS18GBSFRCC, HTS18GBSFRWW, HTS18GCRERCC, HTS18GCRERWW, HTS18GCRFRCC, HTS18GCRFRWW, HTS18GCSARWW, HTS18GCSBRWW, HTS18GCSDRWW, HTS18GCSERWW, HTS18GCSFRWW, HTS18HBMERWW, HTS18HBMFRWW, KTS18GBSARWW, KTS18GBSBRWW, KTS18GBSERWW, STS18GBSARWW, STS18GBSERWW, Shipping Policy Standard shipping is 3 to 5 business days, not including weekends or holidays. We do not provide eBay’s shipping estimates, and they are not always accurate. Per USPS, UPS, FedEx, as well as eBay: Business Days are weekdays (Monday to Friday). Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays do not count as Business Days. Even though some USPS offices are open and operating on Saturdays, it is not considered a Business Day. Your Tracking Number will be provided as soon as your parcel has been processed. Please allow up to 24 hours for your item to show any movement. If your address does not show as a valid address in our system, we will ask for a valid address. If after 3 Business Days of no response, we will cancel your order. If your order is being shipping via UPS or FedEx and you have only a PO Box, we will let you know and ask for a physical address. If after 3 Business Days of no response, we will cancel your order. If your order was place on the weekend or a holiday, and payment has been processed and in our system, your order will be processed the next Business Day. FREE Domestic Shipping:Most parts sold on Luna Parts, LLC are offered with FREE domestic shipping. Most standard shipments are processed within 24 to 48 business hours and are delivered within 3 to 5 business days. You will receive a confirmation of shipment with a tracking number upon your order being shipped. Luna Parts, LLC will always provide a tracking number. Upgraded Shipment Method:All orders with upgrade shipment methods, i.e. USPS Priority, UPS 2nd Day (could also ship via USPS 2 Day or FedEx), USPS Next Day, are processed within 24 business hours. Order MUST be placed and payment processed into our system before 10 AM Arizona Standard Time to be shipped the same Business Day.If your order is being shipping via UPS or FedEx and you have only a PO Box, we will contact you and ask for a physical address.If after 3 Business Days of no response, we will cancel your order. Tracking NumberIf your Tracking Number is not showing any movement, we want to let you know that sometimes they just dont scan all the packages along the way.We encourage you to inform us of any issues, inquiries, or shipping problems before leaving negative feedback, a low rating, andor opening any cases for dispute per our honest, hard-working, small business.We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.If your parcel has not arrived by the estimated delivery date, and there is no movement per your Tracking Number, please contact us. We will do everything in our power to see that you get your item.ReturnExchange Policy Within 60 days of receiving the part, let us know if it is not working for you i.e. defective, damaged in shipping, not the right part sent, you ordered the wrong part, don’t need it anymore, etc. We are neither trained nor certified in repair, diagnosis, or troubleshooting appliances. Our expertise is finding out the correct replacement parts based on any given appliances Model Number Unfortunately, we are unable to accept the return of any previously installed electrical items. Once an item is connected, it has clear installation and usage marks, it cannot be resold or returned to us or our distributor. Did you receive what you ordered? If not, please contact us first. We do not charge any fees on items that are not as described or not as pictured. If it is found to be our error, we will pay for all charges associated with correcting the order. Is the item defective or broken? If so, contact us and we will either process a warranty claim or defective claim. Some fees may apply. Contact us for details. Is the item the correct part type, but a different part number? If yes, then the part may have been updated by the manufacturer. If you have any questions please contact us. Returns Please use eBays Hassle-Free Returns Center. Find the item in My eBay and select Return this item from the More actions drop-down menu. You can create a return within your order on eBay and theyll provide all the necessary instructions. You have 60 days after placing your order to return the part to us.All returns must include the original packaging. Warranty claims, exchanges, andor refunds cannot be processed without ALL original materials being returned, including original packaging. All returns are subject to evaluation. All returns must include a copy of your packing slip, order number, or RMA number. Pack your return securely in the original box or package. If you have any questions, please contact us. Refunds Refunds will be credited within 3 to 5 business days after receiving the return to our warehouse in Tempe, AZ . Once weve received and processed the return, we will refund the applicable amount less any Recovery Fees (see details below) for the amount you paid for the item(s), plus any applicable sales tax or shipping. Basic Recovery Fee: All returns are subject to a 20% recovery restocking fee, contingent on the item(s) being returned in the original condition with the original packaging. Item(s) returned without original materials: If an order is returned missing partspieces or materials that were sent with the order, a refund will not be granted. Item(s) sold without manufacturer packaging: Some item(s) are sold without packaging, or are simply bubble-wrapped. Some Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, and other parts are shipped to us without packaging from the manufacturer. We then package the item in a box of our own. If the item(s) are sold without packaging, the above will not apply to your order, contingent upon being returned in the original condition. The Basic Recovery Fee will still apply. Electrical Parts: Installed electrical parts cannot be returned. Any part that connects to an electrical circuit is considered an electrical part. Any electrical item(s) returned with scratched electrical spades will be considered installed and no refund will be issued. Abuse of Return Policy: Luna Parts, LLC reserves the right to refuse to sell to any person for any reason not prohibited by law, including, but not limited to, the abuse of its return policy.Part Number Disclaimer Manufacturers update part numbers often and without notice. Luna Parts, LLC will ship the most up-to-date part number per the manufacturer. If you receive a different part number than what was ordered, you can safely assume you are receiving an updated part number due to the previous part number being discontinued. If there is any question, please contact us. Wondering how the part measures? We do not give any measurements of the parts. If you would like to confirm the right part that fits your appliance, search for your appliances Model Number in the description. If your Model Number is not there, please contact us via the link at the bottom of the page and we will be happy to help find the part for you.Payment Policy Just click on the Pay Now button to complete your transaction. Payment Options: We only accept PayPal. If you use a Credit or Debit Card, it will be processed via PayPal. This may take up to 24 hours to post to our system. Payment Timing: Payments must be received within 3 days of purchase commitment. If no payment is received, an Unpaid Item DisputeCase will open automatically against youAbout Us Thanks for shopping with us. We appreciate your business! We operate full time in Tempe, Arizona from 8:00am to 5:00pm Arizona Time Monday through Friday. Please dont hesitate to contact us for any reason. Messages will be answered the same day, or the next Business Day. We do not give out any personal information i.e. phone numbers, email addresses, names, etc.All of your questions will be answered via messages. We are here to help. Luna Parts, LLC Click here to email us Tempe, AZ 85281 The right part at the right priceAbout UsTerms & Conditions Store PoliciesContact Us Copyright © 2014 Luna Parts

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