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Current Discount Offers Serving the eBay Community Worldwide Since 1997! To order more than one titlebundle, Add to Cart separately, then Checkout together. Cluefinders Grade School Adventures The Learning Company Select From: 3rd Grade Adventures (Age 7 9) Mystery of Mathra Adventure Jungle animals are disappearing and a world-famous scientist has suddenly vanished. Rain forest creatures fear that an ancient monster may have returned. Trek into the depths of the jungle with the ClueFinders to solve the mystery! Learn reading, language arts, math, science, geography, problem solving and more as you search for clues in this spellbinding adventure. 4th Grade Adventures (Age 8 10) Enter an ancient Egyptian Pharoahs tomb and learn a full year of 4th grade skills! The ClueFinders, led by an eccentric but lovable professor, are on an archaeological dig in ancient Egypt. There they uncover a sinister plot to unleash an ancient force upon the world. prevent disaster! Learn reading, vocabulary, math & equations, science & logic, geography & maps, problem solving and help the ClueFinders. 5th Grade Adventures Secret of the Living Volcano (Ages 9 11) Explore a Mysterious Volcanic Island and Build Essential 5th Grade Skills. A sudden tsunami has shipwrecked the ClueFinders on a volcanic island and Owen and Leslie have disappeared! Explore and learn the secrets of the islands castaways to solve the mystery. Build reading & history, geography & maps, math & fractions, science & circuitry, vocabulary, language arts and more on this perilous journey across the island, under the sea and into the volcano! Then, mastermind a brilliant rescue before the volcano blows! 6th Grade Adventures (Ages 10 12) Descend Into the Empire of the Plant People and Build Essential 6th Grade Skills. Join the ClueFinders in the shadows of an underworld where a giant, mutant plant army is preparing to destroy the town above. At every turn, the vines of the plant warriors reach out to capture you. Why are they planning to overthrow the town above? Learn reading, math, science and geography, and help solve the mystery and prevent disaster! Incredible Toy Store Adventure with Mystery Mansion Arcade (Ages 7 10) Navigate through a maze of gigantic toys. A mysterious shrinking device zaps the ClueFinders to 3 tall, and they are trapped inside a toy store. As you venture through the aisles collecting clues to solve this riveting mystery, master your skills in math, language arts, science, social studies, and problem solving. 2nd CD: Mystery Mansion Arcade: A secret mastermind and four villainous cohorts have lured the ClueFinders to a sinister-looking house. Help escape their arcade challenges and reveal the startling identity of the mastermind! Math Adventures Ages 9 12 (Ages 9 12) Solve the Mystery of the Stolen Treasures in an old village high in the Himalayas. Develop number computation, multiplication & division, early geometry, graphs & tables, fractions & decimals, problem solving, critical thinking skills and more, while collecting clues to solve the mystery. Think fast and watch carefully! Special features include: ADAPT Learning System; 9 interactive games and activities, 25,000+ problems, 10 levels of difficulty, printable progress reports, auto help, personalized workbooks & rewards, and more. Search & Solve Adventures with Mystery Missing Amulet (Ages 9 12) Venture into a haunted amusement park and learn critical thinking and problem solving skills. Surveying the night sky, the ClueFinders spot flashing lights beaming from an old, abandoned amusement park. It’s an SOS! Investigate in the dead of night! Learn deductive logic, ordering, sequencing, hypothesis testing, spatial reasoning, and more as you search for clues to solve the mystery. 2nd CD: Mystery of the Missing Amulet: Builds Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Spelling. ____________________________________ Unadvertised Software Bundle Deal: If currently available, optionally add a Bundle Item at additional savings from our already competitive pricing as sold separately. Advantage Elementary 2011 DVD-ROM (Ages 6 10 Grades 1 5) A Complete Student Resource Center Provides an interactive learning experience with the tools students need to gain confidence and improve their grades. Help your child build a solid academic foundation with Elementary Advantage, a complete student resource center that combines lessons, exercises and quizzes with additional learning resources to support and motivate your child in reaching their full academic potential. With Elementary Advantage, your child will develop knowledge in Math, English, Spelling and Grammar. Additional study aids such as iPad study materials and Encyclopedia Britannica® Student Edition will help support the learning process while brain-building games make studying fun! (Expanded Description Listing) Advantage Middle School 2012 DVD-ROM (Ages 11 14 Grades 6 8) A Complete Student Resource Center Provides an interactive learning experience with the tools students need to gain confidence and improve their grades. Middle School Advantage is a complete student resource center that combines lessons, exercises and quizzes with additional learning resources to support and motivate your child in reaching their full academic potential. With Middle School Advantage, your child will develop and test his or her knowledge in Math, English, and Foreign Language. Additional aids such as Encyclopedia Britannica® Ready Reference, Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and Hoyle Chess support the learning process while brain-building games make studying fun. (Expanded Description Listing) Encyclopedia Britannica Ultimate Reference Suite 2012 Accurate information written by Nobel laureates, historians, curators, professors, and other noted authorities. With more than 100,000 articles, has more content than any other reference software! Three age-appropriate encyclopedias the Elementary Encyclopedia for young students, the Student Encyclopedia for middle and high school students, and the renowned Encyclopaedia Britannica for older students and adult provide accurate and trusted answers. The 2012 Ultimate Reference DVD is packed with learning tools, including two dictionaries and thesauruses, the Spanish-English Translation dictionary, rich multimedia, interactive article and media tours, homework tools, a complete atlas, updated timelines, online magazines, and more. It has the knowledge you need from the worlds most trusted source. (Expanded Description Listing) World Book Encyclopedia Premium Edition 2013 DVD-ROM Every single article from the 22-volume print edition of the 2013 World Book Encyclopedia is included in this reference set, plus eighty years of archived articles in World Books online resources. The wonders of our world are captured in this new edition of World Book. The journey begins here. The World Book offers hundreds of videos and animations, including historical footage and animal scenes, along with multimedia options and interactive games. Includes World Book Dictionary, World Book Atlas with translucent 3D Globe, World Book Trivia Challenge, World Book Media Showcase, Thousands of photos, illustrations, video clips, sound clips, poetry readings and speeches, and more. The World Book Encyclopedia 2013 DVD is a must have! (Expanded Description Listing) _________________________________   Primary Product System CompatibilityTested Works With Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10 Primary Product Condition Packaging Each is New in Sealed Retail Case With Cover ArtworkBundle Item(s) System Compatibility Each is New, Never-Used, Original DVD-ROM ONLY in White Sleeve Bundle Item(s) Condition Packaging   Product Notes   Outside USA: Product compatibility untested outside USA. Please see below. Shipping Ships in secure, protective packaging with delivery tracking. Orders ship first-in first out, usually early in posted handling time period.  Please see Shipping & Payments section above for shipping services, with rates and estimated delivery dates.  For any question, including special handling request, desired expedited shipping services (and rates) not shown or other, please eBay Message. Any currentsubsequent contact or Paypal-payment note may not be seen prior to order shipment. Outside USA: Each bundled Item (pre-identified as a Bundle in listing) counts as only a single item to minimize shipping charge Payment We accept payment through Paypal, where you may either use your Paypal account balance or a major credit card. Per Paypal terms of service, seller may cancel order and payment if Paypal does not show buyers shipping address is Confirmed. eBay system will automatically charge 7.5% sales tax for orders shipped to California, USA addresses. Service Support We are here to service all pre- and post-purchase questions. Returns always accepted within 30-days for any reason; buyer responsible for return delivery.   Cyber-Deals5098 Foothills Blvd Ste 3-346Roseville, CA  95747 Per eBay guidelines, please eBay Message us prior to posting any feedback other than positive, or taking other action, to provide us opportunity to resolve any issue. We do not claim to be product experts for each of 1000s software & DVD titles offered, but with 20+ years experience, may be able to help troubleshoot installation. (For post-installation usage help, please refer to on-screen documentation usually accessible within software, or in help file, else possibly available on Internet).  Outside USA: Though compatibiilty tested within USA only, orders regularly fulfilled outside USA with rarely any reported issue. Our business hours: 9am - 6pm Pacific Time USA, Monday - Friday (except US Postal Holidays). eBay Message us (cyber-deals) by clicking on either: Contact Seller link in your order for this item in your Purchase History - (Best Method) Ask A Question link below in the Questions & Answers section on this listing page

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