Soda Stream Flavors - New Sodastream Soda Mix 440 Ml You Pick The Flavor Free Shipping

$ 14

PRODUCT DETAILS Each SodaStream Each bottle is 14.8 fl oz (440 ml) and makes up to 36 servings (9 liters) of refreshing drinks. Creating your own drinks at home has never been easier! Simply add your favorite flavor to your SodaStream Water Maker and enjoy. PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO MANUFACTURE UPDATING & CHANGING PACKAGING OF SODASTREAM PRODUCTS, ALL SODASTREAM PICTURES IN THE LISTING ARE TO REFLECT THE FLAVORS AND ACTUAL BOTTLE MAY VARY Cola, Diet Cola, Orange, Diet Orange, Lemon Lime, Diet Lemon Lime, Root Beet, Diet Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Energy Drink, Dr Pete, Cherry Cola, Diet Ginger Ale, Diet Dr Pete, Diet Tonic, Cream Soda, Cooking Light Lemon Ginger, Cooking Light Limeade, Skinny Girl Cucumber Lime, Skinny Girl Mango Berry, Diet Energy Drink, Waters Essence Peach, Waters Essence Pear, Waters Essence Lemon, Waters Fruits Apple Mango, Waters Fruits Berry Mix, Water Fruits Kiwi Pear, Water Fruits Lemonade, Water Fruits Orange Mango, Water Fruits Passion Fruit Mango, Water Fruits Pink Grapefruit, Water Fruits Pink Lemonade, Lemon Fruits Red Apple, Waters Zero Cranberry Raspberry, Waters Zero Pink Grapefruit, Waters Plus Cranberry, Waters Plus Orange, Waters Gourmet Black Currant Lime, Waters Gourmet Green Apple Cucumber, Waters Gourmet Lime Basil, Waters Gourmet Coriander Apple Blossom MOST ORDERS ARE PROCESSED & SHIPPED WITH IN ONE BUSINESS DAY FROM OUR WAREHOUSE OR MAY SHIP DIRECT FROM OUR SUPPLIER WITH IN 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS If the item you purchase becomes unavailable for any reason, you will be notified immediately and promptly refunded.YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ABOUT AN ITEM, PLEASE EMAIL US PRIOR TO ORDERING. ITEMS CAN BE RETURNED FOR A REFUND OR EVEN EXCHANGE WITH IN 14 DAYS OF RECEIPT. REFUNDS ARE SUBJECT TO A 15 % RESTOCKING FEE. IF YOU NEED TO RETURN AN ITEM FOR THIS REASON, YOU MUST CONTACT US PRIOR TO RETURNING SO THAT PROPER ARRANGEMENTS CAN BE MADE. ITEMS SHOULD NEVER BE RETURNED WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING US.PRODUCT DETAILS

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