audio switchers - 4-way selector rca s-video video audio switch switcher for 4 devices w remote

$ 27

RCAS-Video 4-Port Video Audio Switch wRemote Guarantee Brand New Item with Lowest Price! This video selector makes it easy for organizing your videoaudio systems. It can connect up to 4 x RCA Composite AudioVideo Sources, such as Satellite receivers, DVD Player, VCR, Video Games, Camcorder or DVR, to a television. Use this device to help eliminate cable swapping, and other annoyances associated with multiple AV devices. The unit comes with a convenient remote control for switching between devices. Product Features:Quantity: 14 Source AudioVideo SelectorUsing infrared remote controlEasy to use and InstallationBuilt-in amplifier to compensate transmission loss4 x Inputs for Devices1 x Ouput for TV DisplayInput: 4 x 3RCA VideoAudio (left & right) 1 x S-VideoOutput: 1 x 3RCA Video &  ...

audio switchers - extron sw6 av mx auto composite video audio switcher

$ 25

The Extron SW 6SVA RCA is a high performance s-video and stereo audio switcher. The switcher features a genlock input and vertical interval switching, providing synchronization of video signals of one device with those from another video source and resulting in smooth and clean transitions when switching between inputs. The switchers include adjustable gain and attenuation to allow users to set the individual input audio levels, providing no significant difference in volume when switching between sources. The six input switcher offers multiple forms of control, including front panel buttons, RS-232, and auto-switching. They can also be controlled via the Extron KP 6 keypad and IR 102 universal remote (optional accessories, not supplied)  ...

audio switchers - 4 in 1 out hdsd component video audio switcher + ir remote

$ 32

4-Port Component Composite Video Switch + Digital SPDIF Stereo Audio Switcher 4-Port HD Component Video Switcher With Digital Stereo Audio Inputs This HDSD audio video switcher makes cable swapping a thing of the past. It allows users to switch between multiple HD or standard video devices easily and the audio will follow with video if needed, making it ideal video audio connectivity solution for use in studios, AV receiver, home theater system, post-production facilities, educational use, or any other setting that requires a high-quality solution. This 4-port component video switch supports display resolutions ranging from 480i to 1080i, providing the signal quality necessary to bring out the best results from all of your HD digital devices. This HD video audio  ...

audio switchers - 8 in 1 out composite video audio 3 rca av switch switcher selector splitter box

$ 22

8 Port Video Audio AV RCA Switch TV Splitter Box with Adapter --> U.S. warehouse Ship within 24 hours Arrival time 3-8day Description 8 In 1 Out Composite Video Audio 3 RCA AV Switch Switcher Selector Splitter Box Features: 100% brand new and high quality guaranteed. 1 input 8 output, switch by button. Used of high-quality components and advanced circuit techniques design. Professional quality VCDDVD to TV, up to 1024x768@85Hz. Isolation, the output signal is not distored,do not interfere with each other. Be suitable for FamilyHotelKaraokeShoppingSchoolFactory and so on. High isolation, strong anti-interference. Installation fast, easy operation. Video: Input level resistance: VS0.8-1.0Vp-p75. Output level resistance: VS0.8-1.4Vp-p75. Support: 50Hz-5.5MHz. Input connector: 1. Output connector: 8. Audio: Input level resistance: 2V(RMS)45. Output  ...

audio switchers - 1 to 8 port rca video audio av switch switcher selector 8-way tv dvd splitter bo

$ 22

U.S. warehouseShip within 24 hoursArrival time 3-8dayDescription8 Port Video Audio AV RCA Switch TV Splitter Box with AdapterFeatures:100% brand new and high quality guaranteed.1 input 8 output, switch by button.Used of high-quality components and advanced circuit techniques design.Professional quality VCDDVD to TV, up to 1024x768@85Hz.Isolation, the output signal is not distored,do not interfere with each other.Be suitable for FamilyHotelKaraokeShoppingSchoolFactory and so on.High isolation, strong anti-interference.Installation fast, easy operation.Video:Input level resistance: VS0.8-1.0Vp-p75.Output level resistance: VS0.8-1.4Vp-p75.Support: 50Hz-5.5MHz.Input connector: 1.Output connector: 8.Audio:Input level resistance: 2V(RMS)45.Output level resistance: 2V(RMS)1K.Support: 10Hz-20MHz, 0dB.Input connector: 1L+R).Output connector: 8(L+R).Specification:Color: BlackWhat is included:1x 8 Ports Video Audio Switch.1x Adapter1x User Manual. PoliciesPayment:We Accept Paypal Only.Payment must be made in 3 days after auction close; otherwise the item may resell  ...

audio switchers - 1080p hd 4 port way hdmi splitter 1 x 4 audio video hub amplifier switcher pc tv

$ 14

Features : 100% brand new and high quality. Compact design, small size Split HDMI into four displays. Supports 3D and HDCP through Supported Audio: Digital DTS, Dolby Digital, DTS HD and Dolby True HD. Voice compression support Supported video formats: 480i 576i 480 dots 576 dots 720 dots 1080i 1080 dots TMDS Input Output Signal: 0.5-1.5V pp (TTL) Input Output DDC Signal: 5 Volt (TTL) Max bandwidth: 225 megabytes Max Band Rate: 6.75 Gbps Input Output Signal: Video Output: HDCP 1.0 1.1, HDMI 1.4 Frequency band Video Amplifier Bandwidth: 165 megahertz 1.65 Gbps per channel (4.95 Gbps per channel) Vertical Frequency Range: 5060 Hz Resolutions Video support -VGA format:  ...

audio switchers - 4-port video audio switcher with quad pip screen support + ir remote

$ 105

4-Channel Quad Picture-In-Picture Video Processor With Audio Support 4-Channel Picture-In-Picture Video Processor With Audio Support This advanced picture-in-picture processor provides users with a cost-effective solution of combining all or selected video inputs together into different style of split-screen views for one screen display. This PIP unit supports total of 4 standard videoaudio inputs with 2 composite video outputs and 1 audio output. All video and audio inputs will be synchronized accurately so all camera feeds or other composite video feeds can be output simultaneously for smooth and sharp pictures without any glitch occurred. This screen video processor provides user with various screen mode options such as the common quad screen mode and various PIP screen modes for viewing additional video  ...

audio switchers - 8 ports composite video audio 3 rca av switch switcher box selector 8 in 1 out

$ 30

AV Switch Box Switcher Selector (8 Input 1 Output) - 8 Way Port Stereo RCA Audio and Composite Video Selector Switch Box For Wii, XBOX, DVD, PS2, Cable Box, Security Monitors, Cameras Introduction:This RCA Composite Video switch allows you to connect multiple video devices with AV out (such as Wii, NES, N68, XBOX, DVD, PS2, SEGA, GameCube, Cable Box) to your TV using AV cables. Switch between 8 devices with a push of the button. This is perfect for older retro gaming systems that have RCA AV composite (Yellow,Red,White) ports and a TV that has limited inputs. No need to unplug and plug in wires when changing from game consoles, DVD players, satellite box, and even digital camcorders.Feature:High isolation; Strong  ...

audio switchers - 4 port hdmi splitter 1 x 4 audio video hub amplifier switcher 1080p hd pc tv us

$ 14

4 Port HDMI Splitter 1 x 4 Audio Video HUB Amplifier Switcher 1080P HD PC TV US Overview : The HDMI Switcher allows access to multiple HDMI devices, such as DVD players and Satellite set-top boxes to one HDMI display. It routes high definition video (in multiple resolutions up to 1080p) and digital audio from any one of the several sources to display units. Plug and Play. What a convenient and cost-effective solution! It’s the best choice for home theater systems and dual computer users. No more hassles of manually plugging in different HDMI connectors to view different HDMI sources. Easy switching of multiple HDMI sources (e.g. DVD, cablesatellite receiver) using switch button on the switcher. Individual LED Display of  ...

audio switchers - bonayuanda 2-way 2 input 1 output audio video av rca switcher switch selector sp

$ 9

Thank you for visiting our ebay store! 100% brand new and high quality Connects the video camera, video game to your stereo AV TV. You can switch 2 group AV audio video signal input and 1 group output to the television,LD, VCD, DVD Player, Video Camera Recorder Video Game, etc Easy to switch between the two inputs No external power is needed Notes: 1.It is inapplicable to the player that connect type of TV antennas port is special 2.To make sure that power supply is shut off when you will connect the wire 3.It s natural that the foul-up image is appeared at the moment press unput-switch key 4.Dont install in the sunshine and high temperature 5.In case of serious  ...

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